Peace Walls Project ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 


Men’s Group


The Men’s group have been meeting for nearly a year now.  This group is run in partnership with Blackmountain Action Group, Sports Changes lives and Blackmountain Shared Space Project.  They meet on a weekly basis in the local community centre and have participated in social action projects within their local community.  They also will be participating in training and skills building projects.


Peace Impact Programme -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Highfield Women’s Group


This women group meeting each Thursday night at Highfield Community Centre.  They are a group of local women who come together and tackle many issues that their communities are effected by.  They have recently taken part in an eight week programme around promoting positive mental health.


Springmartin Women’s Group


Springmartin Women’s Group meet together each Thursday morning.  This group is in partnership with Blackmountain Shared Space Project. They have participated in many different projects such as community relations, arts and crafts, joinery, reading rooms etc.  This group hope to grow and encourage others within their community to participate in these programmes and other local events.


Young Women’s Group


This group of women have been involved in different programmes and projects over a period of time.  They joint together as a group due to their interest in active citizenship.  They wanted to develop their skills and training to enable more participation with in their communities. They have been participating in the activate programme facilitated by Blackmountian Action Group and funded by Blackmountiain Shared Space Projects PIP programme.