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Peace Barriers

Welcome to the Peace Barrier Programme, a project dedicated to creating a more peaceful and integrated community in Northern Ireland. Our aim is to facilitate and encourage robust community consultation, relationship building, and attitudinal change for the reduction, removal, and declassification of interface barriers.

The International Fund for Ireland is the core funder for the Peace Barrier Program, other funders who have supported this work including Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Department of Justice and Belfast City Council. IFI has supported the projects work on Peace Barriers from 2013 and has also made a significant capital contribution to the new shared space building at Finlays.  


Our Work

The Peace Barrier Programme has been involved in several initiatives aimed at reducing and removing interface barriers. One of our most significant projects has been the building of a new structure on the interface area, where the former peace walls were ripped down. This new building will serve as our headquarters, as well as a community hub and a space for events.

Community Consultation


Attitudinal Change

Interface barriers are often a result of deep-seated societal divisions and historical conflicts. To address this issue, we recognize the need for attitudinal change. We work with schools, youth groups, and other organizations to promote dialogue and understanding between different communities. By fostering empathy and respect, we can break down barriers and create a more united community.

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