Who We Are

Black Mountain Shared Space is primarily a good relations project, we aim to work with people in our catchment area to build relationships, breakdown barriers, build capacity in people and communities.  Our work involves single identity and cross community work with men, women, young people and families.  We do this through direct delivery and partnerships with other local community organisations


Shared Community Participation  

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Pips Yoga

The Pips Yoga program is part of our community mental health projects designed to facilitate a positive state of mind through exercise and mindfulness. Sign up to our newsletter to get the latest info on our current projects and programs   


Our outreach programs have been designed to assist the disadvantaged among us who all too often go unnoticed. Our current program is targeting homelessness through food programs and direct outreach projects with the goal being to reduce the causes and issues arising from homelessness and the impact it has on the greater community as a whole


Our key focus is the community’s surrounding the black mountain area. The Black Mountain Shared Space Project is a cross community project who’s shared goal is making our world a better place for all. We aim to tackle key community issues through shared space and participation, from mental health to capacity building and upwards we will strive to uplift our surrounding community’s.   



Our learning programs range from employability, life skills, first aid, mental health, peace, fitness, technology and much more. Our aim is to increase community cohesion through learning and education based projects. We would like to empower our people by bettering their prospects and understanding.


We aim to deliver a host of community lead project through the shared space. This unique facility has been designed to facilitate projects of any size and scope for the betterment of our community as a whole. Through cooperation we can use this state of the art facility as our base to achieve enhanced cohesion and cross -community cooperation through shared space initiatives and projects 


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